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Welcome to Claw, the online store holding all your favorite apparel. Here we provide high quality designed T-Shirts and Hoodies at low prices. Claw was created July 15, 2017 by Michael Darko. Since then we have formed together with very talented people to create a team that will drive this clothing line to it's success.


Meet the Team

  • CEO, Michael Darko

"Hi there! My name is Michael Darko, CEO of Claw. I would like to introduce myself by telling you a few things about me. I consider myself to be a very active and self motivated person. Some of my hobbies consist of practicing sports such as basketball and soccer, working out and playing video games. Academically wise I am interested in health and business. My goal is to become a nurse though I am driven to bring this side project to a great future. I started Claw as a clothing brand branching off of a video editing studio called lawAMVs however I feel like as we continued to grow we have risen to become a standalone line with a lot of potential. Though we have had our bumps here and there it was nothing to stop us in our tracks as I believe that with the current team of amazing people there will be no end to our success."

  • Lead Designer, Jordan Jones

"Hello, I am the lead designer of Claw, Jordan Jones. I came from a very artistically inclined family and have been designing since before I was in my teens. I joined Claw through my relationship with the team. More specifically my relationship with the CEO, Michael Darko. We met through the video editing community. I became apart of the community as a hobby of sorts. Designing more or less for fun. As time progressed I honed my skills and was recognized for my artistic talent. I had always wanted to be apart of a clothing line. It was more like a bucket list entry for me, but as I joined Claw my interest in the Idea grew exponentially. Now I’m here along side the other members to help progress Michael’s “side project” as far as we can. Thank you. "

  • Designer and Digital Communications Manager, Caleb Taylor

"Hello! My name is Caleb Taylor and a designer/social media manager for Claw! I plan on making a big impact in designers all across the globe. Not only will I be helping Claw gain a well known spot in the world. I will be making top tier designs for them. I also love to make daily art to show to the world and do various activities. Thank you."

  • Designer, Jonathan Boluro-Ajayi

"I'm the person who is not good enough to be Lead Designer of Claw, Jonathan Boluro-Ajayi. I joined the team through my relationship with the CEO, Michael Darko and through AMV team sensation LawAMVs! I have had connections with Claw since the beginning of its public announcement. I attained my skills through my practice of video editing, now I am glad that I can use it towards graphic designing."

Have a Question? Email us at info@clawofficial.com

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